About Us

We are a family run specialised ink, photo paper, printer and media supply company with over 15 years’ experience in this market area. We are well known to our customers for our friendly service and our many innovative products that we have brought to the market from time to time.

The company started out in this market through attending Computer Fairs and other trade-related fairs and although we still attend some public-facing fair events, the company has evolved primarily into an online selling business and our product range has developed to now include a range of specialised home printing products and services that have added to our business.

In order to accommodate how the business has evolved, we operate our online business under the hobbyprint banner where all of our products can be viewed and purchased. Within hobbyprint, we have created an online multi-store with stand-alone stores that offer products related to a specialised area. 

hobbyprint.co.uk - The full range of all products listed below - Visit Store
craftmedia.co.uk - Craft printers, Silhouette Cutting, Papers and Card and Tools - Visit Store
dyesubink.co.uk - Dye Sublimation Printers, Inks and Presses, Mugs, T-Shirts and Personalised Gift Media - Visit Store
edibleinks.co.uk - Edible Printer Kits, Inks and Printable Papers, Icing Cutters and Cake Decorating Products - Visit Store
cartridgeoutlet.co.uk - Ink Cartridges, Bottled Inks and Photo Papers - Visit Store
beaglesink.co.uk - Ink Cartridges, Bottled Inks and Photo Papers. Donations to Animal Welfare - Visit Store
refillablecartridges.co.uk - Refillable Ink Cartridges, Inks, Chip Re-setters and Filling Kits - Visit Store

As a company, we have always understood that any success that we have as a business is fully dependant on how we are viewed by, and how we interface with our customers. We try very hard to offer a positive experience for our customers when they deal with us, from encouraging telephone contact to assist in purchasing a product to assisting in setting up and using the products. We understand that the more we can help, the more a customer will remember us when they need another product.

So, if you require information about printers, heat presses, inks and media products for Dye Sublimation printing, Cake Decoration printing, Craft printing, Wide Format and Canvas Printing, why not give us a call? We are confident that we can help you to get the best results and fantastic value for money from your printer by using our products, please feel free to e-mail or telephone for advice.

contact-icon.png Landline Friendly No: 0845 309 6375
Mobile Friendly No: 0345 309 6375
Email sales@homemediaonline.com